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Quality & Environment

Our quality policy is one of continuous process improvement involving all employees with the objective of satisfying the needs of our customers while meeting our financial goals.

The strength of this policy is based on;

  • Full management commitment to and communication of the policy to all employees.
  • Education and training of employees to assure active participation in the continual improvement of the Quality System with emphasis on defect prevention.
  • Internal Quality System Audits and timely corrective actions for system elements that are found to be “non-conforming”.
  • Periodic evaluation and certification of the Quality System by recognized third party agencies.

Strategic Principle:

Creart will efficiently utilize all of its resources towards becoming a premiere quality manufacturer.

This effort will be driven by a culture fostering innovation, commitment and personal responsibility.

Environmental, Health & Safety

Our Environmental, Health and Safety policies guide us to minimize our impact on the environment and to provide a safe, healthy workplace for our employees.

We are therefore committed to:

  • Prevention of Pollution through compliance to regulations, consideration and review of environmental impacts of our products and designs; including manufacturing, resource use reduction, process changes, increased efficiency, recycling and treatment of hazardous materials.
  • Continual Improvement of our processes which comprise our environmental, health and safety management systems.
  • Regulation and other requirement compliance to all pertinent environmental, health and safety regulations through awareness and vigilance.

Creart strives to implement an effective environmental management system to protect our employees, their families, the community, and our customers from the potential adverse effects of its processes, products, and services that we can control and influence.

This commitment is achieved through investment of company resources, including capital and expense monies, employee training and the continual improvement process.