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History & Experience

Creart has begun its custom design, production and manufacturing activities in 1982.

The combination of creative unique design concepts matched to technical ability is the foundation of our philosophy.

The successful foundation was built on the supply of light fixtures and decorative metal works of the monumental King Saud Mosque Project in Jeddah – Saudi Arabia, designed by Professor Abdel – Wahed El-Wakil.

As the growth of industrialization rapidly increased in Turkey, Creart expanded accordingly in order to bring long-term solutions to their customers and meet the needs of the growing market.

Custom solutions designed and manufactured within Creart have been implemented in over 20 foreign countries in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. We undertake a variety of prestigious projects including places of worship, shopping centers, commercial buildings, hotels, museums, and palaces, to name only a few of their references.

Creart provides technical and supervisory support to its customers in the area of installation and spare part identification and procurement. Creart’s differentiation lies in the dedication it places to providing not only quality products but quality services to its customers and quality management throughout the process.

Our years of knowledge afford us the ability to provide a reliable and customer centric service.